Working with Jolene and Matchstick Communications was a great experience. She was clear in her initial communication around the scope of the work and that clear communication continued throughout the website development process. Jolene was enthusiastic about my ideas and brought forth many great ones of her own as the website was taking shape. I highly recommend engaging her for this type of work.
— Gillian Schair Founder
Jolene brought clarity and velocity to my ancient to-do list.
It’s given me more creative time in the studio, and the business side of being an artist became easy and fun.
I have nothing but accolades.
— Melissa Sweet, Author + Illustrator
Jolene fired up our team and moved us to a new level. The before and after is truly remarkable. Everything is better— the sales, the look and our confidence. Jolene applied her talent and skill to our business as if she had nothing better to do! I’m forever grateful.
— Jodi Breau Dental Lace, Inc.
I hired Jolene to help raise awareness in greater Portland for Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences work and our new CEO. While Bigelow science is highly regarded and renowned globally, people right here in Maine don’t know much about the Laboratory or our huge contribution to oceanography and the state’s economy. Jolene quickly and efficiently connected us to premier venues in the state for marketing and visibility. With her help, we got a large spread in the Maine Sunday Telegram and a spot on the upcoming TEDX Dirigo program, among other things. She is very results and customer service oriented and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.
— Jennifer Cutshall, Bigelow Laboratory
I’ve been working with Jolene for over 17 years and am awe-inspired by her ability to make things happen. Her energy and enthusiasm for any project or event, large or small, goes beyond expectations which is why we continue to work with her company, Matchstick Communications, on a weekly basis.
— Jill McGowan founder, Jill McGowan, Inc.
I knew I was in the middle of a great story- I was soon to present my handcrafted guitar that honored the Allman Brothers Band to their Big House Museum in Macon, Georgia. But when I hired Matchstick Communications to help with promotion, it suddenly seemed like the whole world knew also! Jolene McGowan’s skills quickly landed 2 feature newspaper articles about my guitar, here and in Macon, as well as a spot on Macon’s nightly news and a mention on Maine’s 207 show. Well done!
— Jim Macdonald, Fine Woodworker, Luthier
It was a joy working with Jolene McGowan to build my new website… She is easy to work
with, very responsive, patient, and ready to help. I described what I wanted and she produced a really good looking website, and right on time…I can’t recommend her highly enough.
Jolene is great to work with and a real pro.
— David Wade, Photographer
Working with Matchstick Communications was a true delight. The professionalism and guidance made it an educational and a incredibly fun experience. The website ended up better than I could have ever imagined. I cannot recommend them enough!
— Liz Polkinghorn, Bespolk
Jolene’s background in corporate, coupled with her sensibility around the workings of a small business (and a family business, at that!) was invaluable. She became my go-to advisor. I found her to be an adept, big picture, strategic thinker with a whole lot of personal charisma, social media savvy, and an aptitude for matching resources to people’s needs. Jolene was particularly helpful to me in encouraging relationship building between other local businesses for mutually beneficial marketing opportunities. Her guidance and ideas were always forward thinking and mission focused.
— Molly Thompson, Pretty Flours
Jolene unfreezes decision fatigue that can otherwise leave you in paralysis when it comes to marketing... very liberating.
— Jeanne Paterak, Bloomstudio, Jeweler
What a wonderful experience it was to create a new website with Jolene. She had great ideas and was super fun to work with. I am delighted with the results.
— Jessica Gandolf, Artist
I moved to Portland less than a year ago and knew few people in the art world, tho I’ve been making my art for decades. Within a month, Jolene has done for me as much as I could have wished for in such a short time. I said, “I want you to pay attention to me!” and she did. I now have a super website, a new logo, numerous new photos of my work, new business cards and postcards and a new friend. Jolene is super efficient, patient, funny and innovative. She has a keen sense of what will work and lots of ideas to keep my new business growing.
— Vicki Fox, Artist + Craftperson
The thing about working with Jolene is the ease of communicating with her. We share ideas and I really enjoy working as a team. She has sparked my creativity and helped to craft my story, that is still unfolding. Stay tuned
— Tracy Johnson Fine Jewelry
Jolene: she LISTENS. She asks the best questions
and nudges you patiently. She’s got savvy eyes for what
will pop, and knows her STUFF. So grateful to be working with her!
— Jamie Hogan, Artist, Illustrator
Not only is Jolene fluent in the language of marketing and promotion, she is an amazing writer who, with both visuals and text, can bring a story to the work that immediately engages the readers curiosity. With her warm, business like approach, you will immediately trust her expertise and want more reasons to utilize her marketing and communication services.
— Lynette Breton Design, Fine Woodworking
When people would ask me if I had a website, I would say no, because the one I had did not represent my work in the way I wanted it to. Jolene’s simple, clean approach to building a site was exactly what I needed. The fact that she has known me for years and has heard all my stories, was a bonus. She knew where to look before I did. I’m thrilled with the results.
— David Caras, Photographer