Three Rocks.

"Let's do the rocks."  That's what we say to each other at the dinner table when any one of the three of us (mostly me) decides we need to voice the things we are grateful for. I don't know what inspires the need to go around the table and list three things we are grateful for -- could be the humidity -- but I do know that when we do, we are more connected to each other after than before we sat down to eat. My friend, Mary Anne, gave me three rocks for my last birthday. Three rocks as a physical reminder to say, out loud, the things we are grateful for. Corny? Only if you have never experienced loss or grief or just the everyday grind of trying to stay positive and present. Themes emerge:  1. my husband's food. He, unlike me, loves to shop for food and then cook it! Every damn night. If up to me I would eat cheese and crackers, salsa and chips, and take-out Thai. 2. Having our daughter at the table with us -- she heads back to the mid-west for her last year of University too soon. 3. The ocean. 4. Being part of a family that sits down for dinner. 5. For being part of a community (we do not take this for granted). 6. For the rocks that remind us to look up from our plates and our phones.